Core function

HebeBlock is a Proof-of-Stake entitlement blockchain based on NXT Java. The built-in core functions are as follows::

Asset system

The HebeBlock asset system allows users to create their own proprietary asset projects and conduct secure, fast peer-to-peer transactions or asset project dividends on the system's built-in HebeBlock asset exchange。

Currency System

The HebeBlock currency system allows users to create and trade their custom currency (created Pow currency, location currency, controllable currency, etc.) and can also use HebeToken to keep their stable value。

Data cloud

The HebeBlock data cloud is a decentralized data storage system that provides tamper-proof timestamps. This allows legal records (such as contracts) to be embedded in the blockchain and gives absolute accuracy to their creation time.

Voting system

Decentralized communities or organizations need a means of reaching consensus, and the HebeBlock voting system allows a group of users/assets/currency to vote or trade (approve or reject), depending on project characteristics。

Account system

HebeBlock accounts can secure digital assets through enhanced multi-signature methods. Account holders can set accounts to be restricted to the above voting system, which means users can restrict access to accounts from certain unknown sources or prohibit multiple parties. Transaction in the case of approval。

Coin Shuffle

HebeBlock Coin Shuffle is a decentralized anonymous privacy service that allows users to quickly and efficiently mix with other users' funds to create a random mapping between existing user accounts and new accounts after the currency. Implement a completely anonymous transaction。


HebeBlock has a built-in messaging feature that adds message encryption/permanent messages during the transaction。


HebeBlock allows you to sell merchandise on the blockchain without having to rely on external market sites to conduct business.


HebeBlock alias, which allows the user to replace the HebeBlock address with a phrase and also supports the sale of aliases.。


HebeBlock allows third-party software developers to add functionality to the HebeBlock client interface。